Anupama Upcoming Story| Baa to get heart attack

Baa to get a heart-attack in ‘Anupamaa’ Upcoming Story

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Anupamaa is a one of a kind show and the audience cannot have enough of its high voltage drama. The upcoming track also has also storied in high voltage drama. The upcoming episodes of the show will get more dramatic and intense. As per our highly placed sources, Baa will suffer from a severe heart attack.

Yes you heard it right!

After Kavya getting the property in her name, there will be some massive drama in store. The whole family, including Dolly and Sanjay, will get together to celebrate Baa and Babuji’s golden wedding anniversary.

The old couple has been through a lot, especially during the last few weeks, and even though they always have differences of opinion, they have always stood by each other. 50 years is a big milestone for the whole family and their anniversary celebration will definitely come as a sigh of relief not just for them but for the whole clan.

But the celebration will see a lot of emotions. After which Baa will suffer an attack due to all the stress. So keep watching “Anupamaa” to know what happens next.

The show started off by narrating a tale about Anupamaa, who parts with her ambitions and goals in a bid to raise her family, feels dejected when she fails to get any credit for her sacrifices and trials. She then decides to live on her own terms.