Bharathi kannamma Today Written Episode

Bharathi kannamma 7th July 2022 Written Episode: Bharathi convinces Kannamma

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The episode starts with Rohith notices Venba arguing with a stranger. He rushes near them. Venba mentions Rohith as fraud and complaints that he was betraying her these many days. Rohith tells her he is not fraud. Manickam is his driver he was his owner. He bribes Manickam to lie. He supports Rohith surprising Venba there. She gets irritate. Later Kannamma visits Bharathi and requests him to listen her 5 minutes without getting angry on her. Kannamma shares to him how much Janaki and Sundar loves each other. As he said, She has 4 months time to live.

But if surgery went wrong she will die asap so she thinks surgery unnecessary. Bharathi tells her as a normal person they are thinking emotionally right but as a doctor he is seeing it in practical way. They are Emotional now that’s why avoiding surgery as a doctor he will suggest to do the surgery. He is believing the 10% of success.

Bharathi shares to her about his one of risky operation to her. What if her baby get hurt? Will she apply ointment to her or leave it like this?

He adds that all are worrying about current state. If they leave this problem like this Janaki’s condition will turns worst then this. It’s hard for her to bear the pain. As a doctor he can understand this. Kannamma tells him that she understood it now. She takes decision emotionally and thank him for make her understand the practical way.

Later Lakshmi and Hema are discussing about Janaki. Lakshmi informs to them that Janaki is their grand father and mom’s professor. Later Lakshmi enquires her Is she ask her dad about her mom? Hema tells her that he is used to get angry on her whenever she takes that matter.

Lakshmi suggests her to contact the lawyer whom talked with her dad. She asks her to check his contact details and finds out her mom’s details from him. Hema is excited to learn it all. Lakshmi thinks that its important for her to finds it who is her mom? Later Nurse comes to visit Janaki and finds them sitting in silent. After a round she checks them but they are missing there. Nurse starts search for her and informs Kannamma about it.

Kannamma informs to her that they went to parking area for walking. Nurse tells her she is not there too. Bharathi comes there and demand the nurse to bring Janaki. Kannamma tries to stop her but she informs him that Janaki is missing. He enquires the nurse how did a patient went out? Whom gave permission to her? Kannamma takes blame on her. Bharathi lashes out at her in anger.