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Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Ki 3rd March, 2022 Written Episode | TvSerialinfo

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TVSerialinfo: Chikoo wins the second round of competition without Dhanush’s Support

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Ki – Chikoo Ye Ishq Nachaye- 3rd March, 2022 Written Episode, Written Update, Spoiler Alert, Upcoming Story, Latest Twist

The episode starts with Dhanush mocking Chikoo while guiding her. Alka tells Sameer that Dhanush might win it if he performs it alone without Chikoo. Students say Chikoo will humiliate their college. Dimple and Param support her. Chikoo falls in the middle of the game. Dhanush helps her. Chikoo ties a weight to her waist and tells him that she can win this round as she doesn’t need any instructions. Dhanush encourages her without his knowledge and he stops realising what’s he doing seeing his Mom. Chikoo wins the second round of competition. Dimple happily hugs her. Chikoo says we won congrats loser. Dhanush gets shocked and he leaves from there seeing his Mom.

Dhanush breaths heavily sitting on the steps. Sameer notices his state and makes him better then he asks if he is fine. Dhanush tells he is fine. Sameer asks him to celebrate the success. Dhanush agrees. Chikoo and Dhanush hold flags then she tells Dhanush that weakness can become someone’s strength if it’s used correctly and my body is not my weakness and it’s my strength and my brain controls my body and my body doesn’t control my brain. Dhanush leaves. Sameer tells Chikoo that HR is proud of her and she takes a selfie with Chikoo telling her they have to put this photo on their house.

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Sameer goes to Alka and tells her that Chikoo is mentally fit unlike others and if a person is little bit heavy that doesn’t mean they are not fit. Alka leaves. Referee asks Chikoo and Dhanush to make eachother wear the medal as they are a team. They exchanged medals then Chikoo tells him that they can never be one team and I’m going to win thr scholarship.

Kamini shouts at the security team. Security head traces that necklace is in a room with tracker help and they find the signal is coming from Aarav. Kamini doubts him. Savitri tells Aarav can never do it. Kamini checks his bag and finds the necklace then she sends everyone telling it’s their family matter and she scolds him badly. Savitri asks Aarav to tell what happened. Aarav stands in tears. Savitri leaves saying she didn’t expect it from her. Kamini punished him for never entering the kitchen.

Aarav tells Vivaan that I know you’re the one who stole the necklace and I stayed calm as it will hurt Mom and I feel you’re involved in wrong work. Vivaan leaves asking him to do his work. Keshav smiles seeing the video. Alka asks him to not smile as it’s the victory of Chikoo, not Dhanush and I want Dhanush to me like me, not like you who see happiness in the team winning. She leaves. Dhanush apologises to Keshav for his Mom’s behaviour. Keshav tells it’s fine as I’m happy as you won by honesty. Mini comes there and hugs him and Dhanush asks how she knows when he needs her. Mini sees the medal.

Aarav wishes Chikoo sadly. Param asks where is his cake then he tells them he has no entry to the kitchen. Sameer asks them to enjoy Icecream and he cheers Aarav with Chikoo and asks him to use their kitchen whenever he needs it and they ask him to prepare their favourite foods. Aarav smiles. Dhanush tells Mini doesn’t know how Chikoo won. Mini tells she going to the washroom and she meets Keshav and asks about her internship. Keshav tells her about the procedure. Dhanush tells he needs her still she leaves from there. Dhanush posts that feeling defeated despite of winning. Chikoo reads it and thinks about what happened to him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Dhanush messages Chikoo to not hide her face in the dance videos.