Hriday Haran B.A. Pass Last Episode | Hriday Haran B.A. Pass cast and crew

‘Hiday Haran B.A Pass’ going Off Air, Last Episode | TvSerialinfo

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TvSerialinfo : Television show ‘Hiday Haran B.A Pass’ is one of the most popular comedy-dramas on Bengali television. The show is going off-air soon. The shooting have been wrapped today.

Actor Joey Debroy and Roshni Tanwi Bhattacharyya as Hridayharan aka Hridey and Pekham tickled the funny bones of the viewers with their chemistry.Hriday Haran B.A. Pass Last Episode | Hriday Haran B.A. Pass cast and crew

Hriday is a very innocent man, Pekham is a spoilt brat.  Unemployed Hridey, who is a passionate lyricists, decides to work as a chauffeur at Pekham’s place. Pekham, who is forcefully getting married to a man chosen by his dad, decides to run away and meet her boyfriend. She asks Hridey to help her. Naïve Hridayharan falls in a deep trouble as he can’t let Pekham be alone at the middle of the night, neither he is able to tackle the situation. Pekham’s family thinks she has ran away with their driver. Hriday’s father doesn’t allow them when he takes Pekham to his place.
Seeing no other option, he takes her to a rented place, where different tenants, mostly men, share rooms. The story takes a hilarious turn. Meanwhile, Hriday falls for Pekham and much later, she realizes her feelings for Hriday too.

The cast includes, Goutam De, Bimal Chakraborty, Suchismita Chowdhury, Rumpa, Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay and others.

The last episode will be aired in the month of January, 2020.

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