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TvSerialinfo : KHKT is an Indian romantic drama television series.  Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is a fresh, never seen before love story between a television actress and a doctor.

The show kick-started on a high introducing Sonakshi, an actress and Rohit, a doctor getting to know each other and how they somehow, despite differences of opinion, fall in love with each other. The show also telecast a grand wedding of the duo with a realistic touch.

Dipika and Karan’s fresh pairing looks quite interesting. Both of them have perfectly portrayed their inner vulnerabilities.  Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum is different from what Indian television has to offer now.

Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum steers clear of melodrama, and takes a more realistic approach. And the ensuing drama is also peppered with a good dose of well-written humour and lighthearted moments. Dipika is very natural, looks beautiful and really owns every scene she is in, proving her versatility as an actor. Karan’s expressions and comic timing really work for the show. Karan and Dipika’s onscreen relationship is progressive, and their chemistry, in comic, emotional and romantic scenes, is easy and refreshing.

Thechemistry between Karan Grover and Dipika Kakar is really worthfull.

With a reputation of telling realistic, ground-breaking and an unorthodox story, the celebrity love spin-off drama portrays what brews behind the camera. As for the dramatization of how Sonakshi is now in the house, the show projects couple goals for all as Rohit does not leave Sonakshi to deal with kitchen politics and matters of the house but also helps her with the kind of approach she should take. There are times when they accumulatively take decisions and bring a solution to a problem.

However, the audience feels that the recent episodes of the show have become a little monotonous.

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