Prerna Move on for sake of Anurag, becomes Mr Bajaj Wife Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story| TvSerialinfo

Prerna Move on for sake of Anurag, becomes Mr Bajaj Wife Kasautii Zindagii Kay Upcoming Story| TvSerialinfo

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TvSerialinfo : Kasautii Zindagii Prerna begins a new journey Mr. Bajaj and Prerna are on their honeymoon trip. She realizes that she has become Mr. Bajaj’s wife now, and turned more helpless. She feels her life’s new phase has begun and she can never return to her past Anurag. She has to move on for the sake of Anurag’s betterment. She thinks of Anurag and weeps. Veena throws away Prerna’s belongings out of the house and burns everything. She tells Shivani that Prerna broke her trust and now they will have no relations with Prerna. She doesn’t know why did Prerna cheat them and stain her values.

The neighbor women add fuel in the fire over the unfortunate happening. Veena feels Prerna has ruined her pride. She doesn’t want to forgive Prerna ever. Prerna gets angry on Mr. Bajaj when he holds her to save her from a fall. She warns him to stay away. He clears her misconception. He tells her that he had just helped her by lending support. He asks her not to doubt on his intentions. He promises to never hurt her feelings. Prerna feels Anurag would never forgive her. She dreams of Anurag and thinks she can never give him any happiness. She feels guilty for breaking his heart.

Nivedita and Anupam check in at the same hotel and come across Mr. Bajaj. They get into an argument over Prerna’s marriage. Mr. Bajaj seeks Anurag’s welfare, knowing about his accident. He tells them that he keeps all the information about his loved ones and enemies. Nivedita wants to fail his honeymoon. She wants to confront Prerna. She finds Prerna selfish.

Prerna apologizes to Anurag for doing wrong with him. She feels she has done everything just to save his future. She feels suffocated in a wrong relation. Nivedita tries to find out about Prerna’s room number. Nivedita confronts her and insults her for selling her love for money and greed. Meanwhile, Anurag’s life sinks in darkness. He cries over Prerna’s cheat. He sees his engagement pictures and throws the ring in anger. He shouts out his pain. Nivedita tags Prerna a gold digger. She gets upset with Prerna’s honeymoon plans. Mr. Bajaj tells Prerna that he isn’t interested in having any relation with her. He relieves her from getting under any wrong impressions.

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