Woh Toh Hai Albela 7th July 2022 Today Written Episode: Kanha solves Priya’s problem

Woh Toh Hai Albela 7th July 2022 Today Written Episode: Kanha solves Priya’s problem

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The episode starts with Anjali throwing away her phone in anger. She’s furious at Sayuri for not keeping her promise. She says that till now she tried to hold her love back with patience but now she would become obsessed to get back her love. Sayuri and Kanha are at Sharmas who were happy to see them in their old self. Indrani thanks Kanha for always standing by Sayuri’s side. They wish that no evil eyes falls on them and Rashmi pulls Kanha’s legs calling him jeeju.

Sayuri asks for Priya and suddenly everyone goes silent. They understand something is wrong and asks what it is but everyone struggles to answer. Kanha sees the broken hockey stick and can understand a bit. He goes to Priya and asks her to share her problem. Priya hesitates at first but Kanha urges her. She breaks down in his arms.

Sayuri watches it and recalls her breaking in her father’s arms when she was young. Rashmi praises Kanha for being in their life and calls themselves lucky for it. Sayuri says that she gets reminded of their father and Rashmi says they don’t need to worry anymore as Kanha would handle Priya.

Priya says Kanha that she never asked for expensive birthday gifts or outfits as she always knew her Family’s condition and withheld her urges. However she says that she has one passion and her whole life depends on it. She says she couldn’t tolerate when people don’t understand her dream and support her.

Kanha shows her the training admission done and Priya here extremely happy seeing it. She thanks Kanha a lot. Family members are also witnessing it and we’re very happy. Kanha advises her to never break down no matter what future has in store for her and accept things with the a positive approach. Priya agrees to him and Kanha asks her to go ahead and make everyone proud.

Sayuri is cooking and Kanha comes there. He says that he made Priya understand and asks her not to worry. She asks why would she worry when he’s there to handle her. Sayuri says that she always thought that a girl can be independent and doesn’t need a man’s support to fulfil her. However she says that there’s a reason for God making men and women to support each other. She adds that it was him who encouraged her to follow her dreams.

Kanha says that he knows well how it would feel if we lose our dreams and will never let Priya go through it. Sayuri out of excitement confesses that she hated him a lot but now she’s happy that he’s her husband. They pronounce the date as internal dependent day. Kanha however says that she needs to give him half the money as its her responsibility. Sayuri agrees but says she’ll pay in installment. Kanha asks for interest and they both again fight. They share a romantic moment.

Nakul sees them together from outside the kitchen and Nakul asks what are they doing. They immediately come out of their trance and sends him away with an excuse. Kanha reprimands himself for not having a control of his mouth. Sayuri admires Kanha as he plays with her family. Kusum and Saroj were fuming as both Kanha and Sayuri didn’t return yet. Sayuri hits her head ny mistake and Kanha applies ice on her wound. Sayuri gets lost.


Sayuri and Kanha will have silly fight and Sayuri will throw tantrums. Kanha will follow her from back and Saroj will taunt Sayuri for keeping her husband wrapped in her fingers. Indrani will say Sayuri that) to go ahead and find love in their relationship as they already became friends. Sayuri will think about it.