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Appnapan Sony TV Serial New Timings

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Sony TV’s show Appnapan is started just a month ago. The serial stars Rajshree Thakur and Cezanne Khan in the lead roles. We all know that Ekta Kapoor’s shows are always a treat to watch and this one is also one of them.

The show’s story focuses on how Pallavi and Nikhil get separated due to some misunderstandings and live different lives. Appnapan also focuses on single parenting and how the children and parents struggle due to this. Apart from Rajshree and Cezanne, the show also stars Anju Mahendru, Keshav Mehta, Gautam Ahuja, Shraddha Tripathi, and Mrinalini Tyagi, Mehak Ghai, Mridula Oberoi and many more.

Appnapan Sony TV Serial New Timings

Now the breaking news is that the show shifts its timeslot from 10 pm to 6:30 pm from 8th August onwards.

TV SerialAppnapan
Old Timings10 pm
New Timings6:30 pm
Date of Change of Timings8th August, 2022

Appnapan Sony TV Serial Upcoming story

In the upcoming episode, we will see how Manna will tell Barkha to not get influenced by Sid’s money but Gagan and Barkha reveal that even though they want to experience the rich side, they taunt Manna and reveal money is very important. She tries to make Barkha understand that Ishaan is better than Sid but Barkha refuses to understand her concern.

She will also break all her engagements during the food mela with Rastogi and then he will contact the media reporter who has written the article and he will ask have I given you any update on this case? To which reporter will reply that no you haven’t but gathering information regarding her hubby is so easy task for him. And then the lawyer will reply that I will not do such a cheap thing for a case.