How to take part in Kodeeshwari கோடீஸ்வரி Kodieswari and Kotieswari Game Show Auditions, Registration | TvSerialinfo

How to take part in Kodeeshwari கோடீஸ்வரி Kodieswari and Kotieswari Game Show Auditions, Registration | TvSerialinfo

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TvSerialinfo : Participation In Kodeswari 2019 கோடீஸ்வரி also known as Kodieswari and Kotieswari

There are 5 levels
Level 1

1. One Competition question having four (04) multiple choice answer options will be aired each
day during the promotions of the Show beginning from October 28th 2019 to November 3rd, 2019
(“First Round Period”).

A total of seven (7) unique questions will be asked during the First Round Period. The promotions will be aired
inviting viewers to register for the Competition. The telephone lines and the mobile phone lines
and SMS acceptance, for each question of the First Round Period, shall be open for twenty-three
hours and thirty minutes (23 hours and 30 minutes) i.e. beginning from 8:00:00 PM (IST) first day
to next day until 7:30:00 PM (IST) only. Detailed timelines are as below:
Question timelines for First Round Period (where all viewers with landline telephone and mobile
telephone subscribers excluding any calls made from PCO, can participate):

2. The calls and/ or registrations using the Voot application for iOS / Android platforms and/or
SMS (together referred to as “Entry”) for participation should have been completed on or before
closing of the phone lines in order to be considered as a valid entry (“Valid Entry/ies”).

3. The cellular/landline number from which the registration is received will be used as unique
identification number received to identify the Registrant. Each Registrant may submit multiple
entries. Valid Entries sent each day shall only be considered for the random selection process for
that day (a day is defined as the 23 hours and 30 minutes period commencing from 8:00:00 PM to
7:30:00 PM the next day).

4. Only the first valid entry will be considered for each mobile number registered through each
mode of entry for each call for entry question.

5. To participate in the Competition, the Registrant has to give the correct answer by choosing the
correct option.

SMS Rate Participation telephone number

IVR 5056882 01-04 Up to Rs. 7/- per minute**
SMS 509093 Up to Rs. 3/- per SMS
Voot App As per the flow defined in the
Voot app
Standard data charges

How to answer through SMS?

First Round Period

a. KOD<Space>A/B/C/D<Space><Age (completed years as on October 27, 2019)>
For e.g. KOD A 24
b. The following data fields will be stored (1) Number from which SMS is received (2)
Message (3) date of receipt (4) time of receipt
c. In case of error in SMS format, the response message will read on the lines of “Invalid
entry. The correct format is KOD (Space) (Answer (A/B/C/D) (Space) (Age (completed
years)). T&Cs on, Up to Rs.3/ SMS”.
d. The acknowledgement message for entries sent in the prescribed format will read on the
lines as “Thank you for registering for KOD. We will call you back on this number if you
are shortlisted for the next round. T&C’s on Up to Rs.3/ SMS”

How to answer through IVR?

a. Call on 5056882 01/02/03/04 (i.e. call 5056882 and 01 for option A, 02 for option B, 03 for
option C and 04 for option D). The IVR will be in Tamil only.
b. The Registrant will be asked to enter age in completed years (for e.g. if a person is 25 years
and 11 months old, they will have to enter 25) and confirm the same.
c. The call will end with a thank you note / play back option.

All calls made to the registration numbers will be charged up to Rs. 7/- per minute.
Roaming rates may also apply and Registrant should contact the telecom service provider for the
applicable rates.

How to participate using Voot application

1. Download the Voot application from the application store. Please note, the application
download is free of cost, however data charges may apply. Registrant needs to login by
using either her Facebook or Gmail login. If Registrant does not have an existing user ID
and password, she can create a new valid email ID by entering the mandatory fields
required. For further details please contact your service provider.
2. Once the Registrant successfully logs in she may select her answer option (A/B/C/ D)
3. Please enter your email ID and mobile number. Please note that we will be able to get in
touch with you only if the mobile number you have input is registered with the service
provider in India.
4. Please enter your full name
5. Please enter your age. Please note that only those Registrants will be considered for
participation in the show who have completed 18 years of age as on October 27, 2019.

Read full terms and conditions and participation procedure in Tamil

Read full terms and conditions and participation procedure in English

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