Upcoming serials on Disney India in new year 2015

Upcoming TV Serials on Disney India in New Year 2015 | Latest and New TV Shows

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Disney Channel is a Channel of Kids. Disney is a Child Entertainment channel like Hungama, Cartoon Network. Now Disney Channel is Planning to move on. The Channel is preparing itself to become the channel of whole family. Disney will Launch 5 new shows for full family on weekend with a new Tagline ‘ Shanivar Aur Ravivar Parivar Ke Saath’. The New serials will be telecast in New Year 2015. The Upcoming Shows in 2015 on Disney are

  • Maan Na Maan Mein Tera Mehman
  • Kabhi Aise Geet Gaya Karo
  • Goldie Ahuja Matric Pass
  • Laage Raho Chachu
  • Zindagi Khatti Mithi

Let’s see how much Profitable it will be for Disney. How much successful will it prove to move on.

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